Growing Genesis

FB_IMG_1547934337402Genesis the Calf is a little over two months old now. She is growing and changing every day. It’s amazing to see how she knows what to do and how herd protects and nurtures her along with her mama. FB_IMG_1547934363255Within hours of being born, she was wandering the pasture with the rest of the herd. Even now, she walks or runs a bit and needs to lay down and rest; but she is getting stronger every day. She learned quickly that alfalfa hay was a yummy treat. 0210191601_Burst01She also learned that she was the short one in the crowd and she often winds up with hay dust all over her head and back. 0210191609fIt took a bit for her to figure out what the mineral cubes were all about, but now she likes being able to chew on them. When Charlie starts up the side by side, all of the cows come running to the fence hoping for a treat and Genesis is now the one leading the herd!

She likes lining up at the fence, and just like her mama, she is beginning to let us rub her head. She likes to lick our fingers and when we talk to her!

While she was born with jet black fur, 0216191118oher coat is beginning to have a reddish sheen. Mama Cow was bred when we bought her and we are not certain if the bull was a black or red Brangus. As Genesis continues to lose her winter coat, we will be able to see what her true coloring will be. The red is most visible around her nose and chest right now.

We were hoping that she would have a calf-playmate sooner. It appears that #63 is going to be the next to give birth, but we’re still waiting. Genesis is waiting too. Can you see her in the background? Hopefully, we’ll have another birth announcement to share soon!



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