Cows, Bugs & Fish…Oh My!

What do you do when your husband calls and says he’s on his way home from work so we can leave for the country? You quickly pack the necessities and plan on buying the rest later! We had debated whether to go up on Thursday after work or wait until early Friday – 20170713_175856.jpgbut Thursday won out since Charlie was able to leave work early. To add to our last-minute changes, the two oldest granddaughters decided to come with us. 20170713_202730Since we left in the afternoon, the scenery and skyline were a bit different. Once we turned off of the highway, Charlie spotted some deer on the side of the road. I missed taking a photo of them but then Gianna spotted another deer on the other side of the road. This one stopped and posed for us. 20170713_203326What a beautiful view appeared before us as we drove down the Wheeler Country Road.

Friday came early for me since it was a regular work day. The girls were up pretty early too and enjoyed the hot chocolate and biscuits and sausage for breakfast. Charlie and the girls spent the morning exploring the property and visiting with the cows while I was working away on my laptop in the camper! Being able to work remotely is great but I have to admit that I was pouting a bit also! Coffee breaks were for going out and checking on the fun and taking photos!

Later in the morning, Jason, Danielle and Raya came to visit and Gianna had to take her little cousin for a ride in the “pink car.” Raya loved it! 20170714_091942Gianna was told to go slow but I think Raya would have liked for a faster ride! We acquired the “pink car” and “four-wheeler” from neighbors whose children had outgrown them. All of the grandkids are having a great time driving them!

The main reason for this trip was for Charlie, Jason and I to attend the New Landowners Program for Houston County presented by Texas A&M. Landowner1Each month, different topics are presented that are informational for landowners. In July, the topics were property taxes, agriculture exemptions, and programs through the state of Texas available to improve your land.  While we were at the workshop, the girls were spending time with their Aunt Danielle and Cousin Raya swimming, shopping, and snacking.

On our way back to Lovelady, Danielle called Jason and told him that she had stopped by the camper to pick up something and the ground was flooded! Apparently, the hose from the water spout had ruptured and the entire front area was soaked! Charlie and Jason headed straight there and turned off the water. After grilling hamburgers at Jason and Danielle’s house, the guys headed back to town for a new hose so we would have water at the camper that night!

After such a busy day, the girls fell asleep quickly and slept late the next morning. After quietly making our coffee, Charlie and I went out to have coffee with the cows. The heifers like to have breakfast in the front pasture. 20170715_081049Charlie and #4 were having a deep discussion about the agenda for the day and 20170715_081105then she decided to move down the fence line for fresh grass. As you can see, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

After a bit, Maddie woke up and decided that she needed to go for a ride on the four-wheeler. After Gianna woke up, the girls asked Grandad to take them to visit with the cows.

Maddie decided that she had enough and headed back. Look at her expression! She was actually brushing gnats away – she doesn’t like bugs at all! She said that she liked the property better in the winter because she could wear her jacket and there weren’t any bugs!

20170715_173647Since Saturday was our first anniversary as landowners, we decided to grill steaks to celebrate. Natalie and Audie we able to come visit to join the celebration.


It was fun with all of us sitting outside watching the kids use their imagination while playing: from sitting on the fence, to sitting on the grapevines, to hanging little birdhouses that Gianna found while grocery shopping in town. The girls found a broken cinder block and used it as a stand to climb onto the grape vine

and then Maddie made a tightrope out of them20170715_182950and an old board. Audie was stuck with us on the deck but it won’t be long until she is running around with the rest of the big kids!


Wasn’t the sunset pretty that night? There was a cool front pushing in that created some beautiful colors in the sky.

With extra time the next morning after getting dressed for church, 20170716_085630the girls convinced us that they could drive the pink car together, play nicely, and stay clean. Don’t they look like “two little ladies on their way to Pasadena?” 20170716_095726On the way to church services in Crockett, the girls were playing the piano book. Maddie was teaching Gianna how to read the notes and play. It was so sweet watching her encourage her sister.

After church we had to make a difficult decision – what to have for Sunday lunch? We needed something the girls would like as well as the adults (Charlie, Jason and me). So we decided on Whataburger, of course! After a quick lunch, we headed back to the camper and Jason went to pick up the fishing poles and tackle boxes from his house so he and Charlie could take the girls to the pond to fish. We were in a bit of a rush since that front was quickly coming in.

Jason showed the girls how to put nightcrawlers (aka earthworms) on a hook and then how to cast a line.

After just a few minutes, Gianna’s bobber went under the water and Charlie was helping her guide the fish in. She was so excited to catch (and touch) a small catfish. After casting again, she caught another small catfish. (No, not the same one!)

Maddie didn’t have the same luck. No bites for her! In fact, she was upset that her earthworm was hurt putting it on the hook. Jason was a good uncle and showed her how to use a lure instead of live bait. However, still no luck catching a fish.

Unfortunately, the fishing trip was ended earlier than planned, when the skies started rumbling and with lightning quickly following behind. 20170716_135730We barely made it back to the camper before it started raining. The girls seemed to enjoy running and playing in the rain. So, what do you do on a rainy Sunday afternoon in a camper? You watch Princess Diaries 2, snack, and nap!

After the rain finally stopped, Jason had to head to town for some shopping for the week and we headed back to the city. Gianna helped her Grandad getting everything outside ready and Maddie helped me get the inside of the camper ready. We loaded up and Maddie read and watched videos all the way home. Gianna, on the other hand, was asleep before we even made it to Hwy 19!

OK friends, families and blog followers – It’s time for some feedback. Here is a photo of where our house is going to be. House1The trash pile will become a bonfire in the fall showing a clear view of the house site. What kind of house should we put there? Log cabin? Manufactured home? Tiny home?  What would your dream house be if you were building on your country road?



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