Don’t Fence Me…Out!

When we first purchased the property, there were two fenced sections which I like to call the “Back 50” and the “Lower 25.” Having a small herd of cattle on the “Lower 25” (which is where the trailer is) was entertaining until the cows became too familiar with us, the trailer and deck, and our vehicles. Let’s not even discuss the presents that they left behind for us close to the truck, trailer and deck!

It was time to build a fence that would keep the cows off of where our homestead will be. Jason and Charlie also wanted to move the gate in from the road so there would be room to pull up and open the gate  off of the road. Plans were made where to place the fences and it was determined that Jason would build the main fence and gates and the rest would be t-posts and barb wire. Jason original set the posts before his surgery in February.

For the next step in the process, he and another welder worked for several days adding the top row to the posts and starting the smaller rods below. Unfortunately, they were hindered by heavy winds and rain several days but they made up for lost time by working twice as hard!

As the work on the fence continued, Charlie decided to go and help out (aka supervise). While Jason finished the metal fence, Charlie set all 55 of the t-posts himself that will lead from the driveway to our house. He and Jason then ran the barb wire through the posts.  This area will be our “yard” where the chickens and other small animals will be. (We’re still discussing what this menagerie will consist of.)

Although Charlie sent me lots of photos during the week, I wanted to see the new fence for myself. The work was very impressive! With these fences up now, it is easier to visualize where our house will be placed. 26554The plans are to place it to the left of the fence in this photo and facing the creek.  Things are beginning to move more quickly as we prepare for Charlie’s retirement and our move to Lovelady.

After working so hard, Charlie and Jason enjoyed some much deserved free time on Friday and Saturday. Natalie and Audie came over to spend the night with us and let the babies have cousin time.

Charlie and Jason had a very productive week followed by some great family time.

The cows are not happy with the new fence and their loss of freedom. They are spending lots of time close to the fence line! They definitely didn’t want to be fenced in!

The place is really shaping up to look like what a ranch should look like! The next big question: What color will we paint the fence? Suggestions?

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