Wheeler Country Weekend

Our Friday began very early so that we could arrive at the property in time for my work day to begin at 8 am. Leaving early makes it easier to cross the Houston since traffic is (somewhat) lighter. 20170324_112829I love when we are almost there and the curve where the paved road transitions to a dirt road. That’s when you know you are leaving the city and headed to the country! Once we arrived at the trailer, I set up my computer and began working. Charlie had work to do also – the grass around the trailer needed to be cut. While he was mowing the grass, I was sitting on the deck working and watching him. (I think my work was easier!)

It’s hard to believe but two of our grandbabies are now one year old. We had a party for Benjamin at home and then a couple of weeks later we traveled to Lovelady for Raya’s party. It was wonderful having all of the grandkids together at one time and watch them all play! It was nice having their mommies and daddies there too!

Family celebrations continued at Jason and Danielle20170422_200932’s house with the big kids chasing the chickens and playing with the dogs and horse. And, of course, no celebration at their house is complete without a bonfire! Gianna stayed to have a sleepover with Raya and Maddie, Scarlett, Benjamin and Melissa came back to the travel trailer to stay with us.

The next day began with coffee and hot chocolate with Grandad. Scarlett enjoyed her marshmallows with a side of hot chocolate!

Then it was time to explore the great outdoors. The big kids loved driving the toy four-wheeler up and down the driveway. Scarlett was always a passenger but soon will be wanting to drive. Benjamin was stuck with the adults and seemed to be asking his Mommy why he couldn’t be out there with the big girls!

He and Grandad had some quiet time to talk and solve the problems of the world though!


Grandad Charlie took several trips to show the girls the cows in the back pasture. The cows were very curious about the girls and would come up to them. The girls loved it!

Notice the jackets? Yes, it was cold that weekend…and we weren’t prepared. We all bundled up the best we could – we were definitely NOT fashion statements. Thankfully the travel trailer has a fantastic heater!

We all met at the trailer on Sunday morning and had a brunch of scrambled eggs, bacon, and deer sausage! It brought back memories as I cooked outside on the camp stove. Unfortunately, we had to leave early on Sunday to get back home. None of us were ready to go home! Not much work was accomplished this weekend – but that’s ok. The purpose of this weekend was for all of the family to get together and have fun. Charlie and I are looking forward many more family gatherings to make more memories!


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