Coming Soon…

20180105_151120Charlie, Shadow and I made a trip to the country when we finally had a nice weather weekend. During the last year we’ve chosen a plot of land at the front of our property for our house and have been preparing it – a little here and a little there. Now it’s time to get to work! Even though it was cold, we were able to work on the landscape.
20180107_144002I was able to trim the roses, crepe myrtles and fig trees in the front area. Trim is probably an incorrect term. I trimmed and then I chopped and then Jason had to come help with the chain saw. There were very established vines that ran through the fig tree over to the oak tree. Some of those vines are the ones that the grand kids like to sit on! Jason and Charlie removed some of the “trash trees” and dead trees that needed to be removed for the driveway. It changes the landscape a bit but imagine looking through the two trees now and seeing the house. The photo on the left is the view from the road showing where the driveway will go between the trees. The photo on the right is the view from where the house will be and looking down the driveway.

We still have the trash pile in the line of sight but will be burning that with the help of the Austonio Volunteer Fire Department. The problem is that we keep finding things to add to the burn pile!

After working in the morning, we enjoyed dinner with Natalie and Audie and Jason, Danielle and Raya. We even built a fire in the fire pit to keep us warm.

Now on to the latest news on our property. Last week met with a contractor to give us an estimate on building a foundation for our new house. We made a decision about a new septic system and how to extend our existing water and electric lines to where the house is going to be. We have a decided on a white frame house with green shutters. We both like the “country house” charm. Our plan is to build a covered porch across the entire length of the front of the house. I can already envision sitting out there in rocking chairs drinking a glass of cold iced tea!


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