Finding the Winding Road

If you talk to Charlie, he will tell you that the minute we turn off of I-45 and head towards Lovelady that he feels a certain calmness come over him. I thought it would be fun to share what the drive to Lovelady looks like starting after I have waved to the huge Sam Houston statue at Huntsville and we begin our journey to our property.

The first thing you notice is that the number of cars immediately dim20170324_104945inishes and the road is now a four lane divided highway (no longer a freeway.)

As the journey continues, we cross the Trinity River and soon head into the small town of Lovelady. The four lane highway has become a two lane road with shoulders. We leave the city limits almost as soon as we have entered which means it is time to take a left turn and cross the railroad tracks. 20170324_112316

Immediately after crossing the railroad tracks, the journey begins down the winding road. The road still has two lanes but the shoulders have disappeared and there are many more trees and curves in the road.

Isn’t it relaxing just to look at the photos? Does it rem20170324_112829ind you of a Sunday afternoon drive in the country? After a few more curves in the road, we finally come to our country (aka dirt) road. From there, we travel a couple of miles down and come to the Wheeler’s Country Road that leads us onto our property and the fence that Jason is building us.


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