Holidays in Lovelady

Yes, I am very late in adding this post! In my mind, I had posted it when I added our photos to Facebook – but apparently I didn’t. Since this Christmas was an “in-law” Christmas, the kids’ in-laws choose when to have Christmas celebrations. Charlie and I headed up to Lovelady and spend Christmas with the cows. Can you see the cows in the background? 15875440_1387325441278260_2893995034631472670_o

Since we were down the road from Natalie and JT, we drove over to see them for breakfast and then back to have lunch with Jason and Danielle on Christmas Day.

Later on, Raya came to check out the rocking chairs that Grandad had built for her and her cousins.

The next weekend, we all met again to celebrate Christmas as the Wheeler Clan. We spent some time on the property, but most of our time was spent at Jason and Danielle’s place




















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