Welcome to the Cows

Football season had a definite impact on the amount of time that we were having to spend on the property. After a Friday night game, I suggested that we make a flying trip to “the country” on Saturday and have our first overnight stay. We were able to make it up to spend the night since Jason and Danielle had put their travel trailer for us to stay in on the weekends.

We drove up to the gate and had to watch out for the cows. We are leasing out the property for now and the cows had been moved from the Back 50 to the front of the property. Yes, that means the cows (and their byproducts) were near the travel trailer and the big oak tree!

We enjoyed our coffee in the morning with the cows watching us. It is amazing how much they were able to graze down the tall grass. Charlie and Jason had work to do over the weekend and I was able to visit with Danielle, Raya and Natalie.

Over this short weekend, we decided to spend time for Thanksgiving in Lovelady. The plans include having Thanksgiving day/dinner at Natalie and JT’s house right down the road in Bryan (or Kurtin to be more exact) and then  Lovelady on Friday. More football and other obligations made this weekend the last one to visit the cows until the Thanksgiving holiday. More to come in November….

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