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Grass Farmers

Sometimes ranchers consider themselves grass farmers. It’s important to have pastures that grow the best grass for your herd. Charlie and I have attended several classes on which grasses have the highest nutritional value for cattle. There is definitely a science behind forage – ask the Texas A&M Agrilife professors! Our focus this spring is on seeding and fertilizing our pastures so we will have the right forage for our cows. It’s also important to have enough grass for the cows as well as enough for baling for hay for future use.

Charlie and Jason moved the cows and calves to the back pasture several weeks ago to let the grass in the front pasture grow. With all of the rain we’ve had, the grass is really growing and getting green! It won’t be long until the cows can be moved to the front pasture to begin grazing. I can’t wait because I can walk out and feed them cubes whenever I want! Right now, they are a side by side ride away!

Several more things will happen when the cows move to the front pasture: they will be pregnancy checked and vaccinated, the three calves will be weaned, and Lily Cow will be escorted home!