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Working Weekends

We’ve made several trips to Lovelady in the last few months. The first one was a quick, one day trip. We walked to the Back 50 and to the pond. It was an extremely hot August day. The effects of the late summer heat was apparent: the grass was wilted and the level of the water in the pond was down. There were lots of prints around the edges of the pond from the animals that had come to the pond…cattle, hogs, deer, and who knows what else. We spent a lot of time under the huge tree in the front of property – including a nap! Even in the heat, there was a gentle breeze!

Our next trip was a BIG working weekend. Jason was home and ready to put his Dad to work. I think this is payback for all of those teenage years when we put him to work taking care of the yard at home! 20160918_143850.jpgCharlie and Jason mowed grass and sprayed the fence line on the road to begin clearing it out. They trimmed branches and checked fence lines. (Do you notice how far away I was from them? Yes, I was sitting under the shade trees drinking water and talking with Natalie!)

I noticed that the two mailboxes on the road had disappeared. The mystery was solved when I called the post office. Since both trailers had been moved off of the property, the post office removed the boxes since there were no residences there. This lead to another mystery that we needed to solve: we had THREE addresses. A call to the Emergency Management office resolved the issue by determining after discussing where the road onto the property was and where we were going to put our house. Because of the way the other residences were situated, those addresses were considered “subdivision” addresses. Sounds like a family compound, doesn’t it? Apparently there was another residence on the property at one time or another.  Now we need to contact all of the local agencies (Post Office, tax office, etc.) and let them know the “Official” address. Very interesting moving to the country.

We were pleasantly surprised to see how everything had greened up!

The next two trips had the guys mowing (yes, again), checking the property, adding trimmed branches to the burn pile and sweating! They bought and hung a gate at the entrance from the country road. 20160828_151721They bought some pipe to build a fence on the lower pasture so we can have cattle graze down there also. The fence will be around the area where we will be living at first.

On their ride down the road to the Back 50, they found a visitor in a shady spot on the cool grass that Jason had just cut.

He didn’t seem to be in any rush to leave even with the noise from the 4 wheeler. No one hunts in that area and we have lots of woods behind us so hopefully we’ll have more of these visitors in the future.

Next weekend trip: We have water and electricity to the property so we’ll be able to move 20160918_145137.jpgthe travel trailer onto the property.20160918_113717.jpg We are looking at adding a temporary water source to the lower pasture so we can run cattle down there to help control the growth of the grass. The pipe is waiting for those fences too! Since the trees have started losing their leaves, this time I have fig trees to trim along with the other plants and flowers in the “front yard.

Check out the Photo Gallery for new photos from our recent trips.



Texas Landowners!

Days 1 and 2 – The Journey Begins

On July 15, 2016, Charlie and I signed the papers that made us ranchers…we’re landowners that will someday be ranchers. I chose that date to close because it was a Friday and it is my grandmother’s birthday. I figured this would help me to remember the actual day of closing in the future!) The closing was very different from any other closing that we 20160715_165027have experienced. The title company was located in a beautiful old home (mansion) in Crockett. We were seated at a beautiful large table along with the sellers. The closing officer went through the paperwork and passed the papers around the table for signatures of the different parties. It was very relaxed and low key. It was really nice being able to meet the four sons of the man who had owned the property and to listen to the stories of the time they spent there. We had noticed the many pecan trees on the property and found out that the owner loved pecan trees and planted as many as he could! There are also fig trees, blueberries, peach trees and lots of crepe myrtles and others that I haven’t identified yet!

As soon as we finished at the title company we headed to a diner on the Crockett city 20160715_153655square to have a celebration lunch – as Houston County property owners aka tax payers.
After lunch we headed to Lovelady, dropped our bags off at J. and D.’s house and headed to the new Wheeler Ranch. (That sounds better than property or land.) We mainly walked around to see how the area where the first trailer had been removed from. This will be where we set up a travel trailer for the time being until we decide where, when and how to build a house. The previous owner did a wonderful job setting this front area up as a “front yard.” J. suggested putting lights up in the large tree in the center of the area and making this our family get-together spot and maybe even a gazebo!

Yard 1

The next day was our first workday. While I worked in the “front yard,” J. and Charlie worked like true ranch hands. I pullFour Wheeler Toured weeds and trimmed small trees, crepe myrtles, shrubs and pulled up some overgrown canna lilies.
They sprayed weed killer on the fence line, moved a pile of trash off of a utility trailer and cut down a tree that was too close to the road coming onto the property.

Sunday was a day of rest but we still took the time to spend some time on the land before we headed home in the city.